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I'm attracted to loyalty, honesty, and a good sense of humor. If interested, send a letter and possibly a picture if you'd like and I will be sure to write back. Hello to the beauty I have not seen, but wish to see one day. My name is Randy Osei - Agyemang and the reason why I am writing this letter is because I am looking for a woman companion with whom I may correspond. I am looking for a friend. I am a very respectful and polite person. I am also a man of God but recently I have been going through some punishment and many lessons about life.

Like it says in the Bible, Those He chastise and disciplines, He loves, like a Father loves his children and punishes them when they do wrong. So I am going through a phase. I need a friend to help me get out of the darkness that I am in. I have so much things on my mind and a heavy burden on my heart that I cry myself to sleep every night hoping that God will one day send me an Angel to come and deliver me from this burden.

I just wish that I could find someone I could talk to and write to from time to time. You never know, maybe I could teach you things you didn't know before I'm currently serving 25 to life while waiting for an appeal. Formerly a medical student, I've since completed certificate programs in Paralegal and Electrical Engineering. Presently I'm finishing a MBA and looking into other correspondence education.

I grew up on a farm and playing lots of sports. Phone access is pretty limited in maximum security so I'm looking to remain social through letters. I'm particularly interested in hearing from anyone working in or studying some form of healthcare but am eager to talk to people from my background. Je suis apprender Français aussi et je voudrais escriber en Français quand possible. I'm thinking about moving to Toronto or Montreal upon my release and start fresh.

I really love dogs and would love to meet someone who loves them as much as me. I get along with pretty much anybody but I like women who are a little bit older or at least more mature and know what they want in life. I'm not a shallow or judgmental person and I'm open minded to other people's beliefs.

I'm currently applying for a correspondence business management course. It gets pretty boring in here and I would be happy to receive your letter and meet someone new. So don't be shy. If you have any questions I'll be happy to reply. Hey, my name is Pete and I'm from New Brunswick. I'm doing 7 years and I've been in already for 4 years. I'm going to school right now so I can be ready for university when I get out in a couple of years.

I have learned that prison is not where I want to be and I'm still young enough to make a change and live a better life.

I've lived a pretty crazy life so far and became involved with the politics in prison and picked up additional years to my sentence which is more time away from my family. I spent the majority of my 20's in jail or prison and I can hardly wait to be released, put this all behind me and enjoy my freedom forever. I look forward to doing all the things I missed out on such as canoing, hiking, snowboarding. I'd like to travel throughout Canada and the world.

My main focus right now is my education and planning my future. Ultimately I want to be successful, have a family and just live life comfortably. I love eating and trying new foods and prison food is absolutely horrible so I can't wait to get out and eat something amazing.

I'm a very loving and caring person. I'm also a very strong minded person and confident that I can change my life from a negative one to a positive one. I believe in the law of attraction and that if you truly believe you deserve it, the universe will serve it. Thanks for reading and I hope you drop me a line so we can begin a friendship.

It would be a bonus if you like yoga and sports. My name is Steven Marchisio. I like to go to the gym and take care of myself but I'm not Dwayne Johnson hahaha. I'm bald, I have blue-green eyes, my ear's are pierced and I have tattoo's. I speak and write French, English and Spanish. I like to play soccer and football and I love boxing and martial arts. I like rap music, reggae and other Spanish classics like Salsa, Bachata, etc. I'm not complicated when it comes to choosing a woman but I like when she takes care of herself.

I am looking for love. I'm hoping to find a woman who's going to care about me no matter what, understands me and won't judge. I'm affectionate, romantic, polite, calm, generous and a gentleman. To pass the time I like to read and write and play video games. I'm trying to finish my schooling so I can be a chef-cook or an architect in industrial buildings. What's up beautiful ladies?

How ya'll doing out there living that life I imagine. As for me, I'm doing okay I guess. I'm just here keeping it real, training hard, mind and body. Never letting these concrete wallz jade me. I've been thinking about my freedom lately and it's quite motivating.

I have three years to go but should be out in about two years. So I'm looking forward to being home once again. Home is Ottawa but right now I'm in Donnacona, a maximum security penitentiary in Quebec.

Anywayz, I don't know who may write to me but at least you know where I'm at. Whoever you may be I can't wait to see what God sends my way. I like to play basketball even though I'm not the tallest brother around.

I also like to talk on the phone cause I express myself way better. If you decide to write, please feel free to send a picture of yourself.

For now, take care. I'll end this for now with hopes it reaches a woman in good spirits who is interested in writing me. I hope I've put a smile on your pretty face. Freedom is a must. A friend of mine said he was on this site and that it is a good way to make some friends so, I will try it out. I've been in now for 9 years and I can't wait to get out.

I'm looking for some women to get to know. I like all types of women, especially white women. I don't have any kids but I would like to one day.

I'm looking forward to getting out and getting back to work. If you are a real woman and interested in writing, we can get to know more about each other. Well, that is it for now. My name is Yusuf, I'm 26 years old, my ethnicity is Somali - Yemen. I was born in Ottawa and then moved to Toronto as a kid.

I'm currently locked up on the west coast B. My hobbies consist of music, working out, playing and watching sports, traveling, and watching movies Netflix. I love to spend time with family and loved ones. A couple of things about myself and what I look for in others as well is honesty, loyalty, smart, kind, respectful, motivated, independent, treat others like you want to be treated and mature. Given me saying that, I don't just seek for beauty that's on the outside but for the beauty on the inside.

That's what matters most. I don't want to sound corny lol but other then the corny punch line I seek real and straightforward women to correspond with. I'm looking for a good friend or possible partner relationship.

I'm originally from Alberta although I'm currently incarcerated in Quebec. My parole eligibility is still a long ways away so I'm looking for some female friends to write and get to know each other.

If something more than a friendship happens, that is fine as well but it's not an expectation. A few quick things about me.. I like to read books and I also workout to try to stay in decent shape.

If you're interested in getting to know me I'd love to hear from you and I look forward to getting to know you as well. A picture of yourself would be nice so we are on equal grounds with knowing what each other looks like but it's not mandatory. I hope to hear from someone. I'm Metis, 5'8" and lbs. I'm into drawing, tattooing, and love to read novels such as fiction, crime stories, law, and books on knowledge of history, and past events such as true stories.

Everyone tells me I'm a calm soul and very chill. I'm a non-smoker looking for a non-smoker. I'm not a big drinker, but like to have the occasional drink with friends.

I don't do street drugs, but smoke weed from time to time for anxiety. I enjoy doing fun things such as adventurous outings, and biking, anything outdoors. I love mobster stories, sci-fi fiction, movies such as comedy, horror are my top picks for movies.

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, and finishing off my sentence in Edmonton Max. I'm looking to connect with a female that loves life, books, art, sports, the outdoors, and someone able to have conversations with about anything. I've been locked up for most of my youth and my adult life. I love family gatherings, I don't have kids of my own, and it doesn't bother me if a woman has children of her own. I have over a dozen nieces and nephews which I have spent a lot of time with when I was out.

Looking to connect with someone on all levels not just lust or infatuation of the lifestyle I have lived. I would love to connect with someone on an intellectual level, someone who is pretty on the inside and out. You don't have to have any tattoos but you have to love them! But is it actually the news we get? The social media is full of false news, and unfortunately, these untrue stories have a potential to influence some vital things, like United States presidential election.

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Here are a few examples of news profiles you may start with: Suite au succès du single, le premier album éponyme Christina Aguilera sort en août et devient un succès commercial, culminant à la première place du Billboard et est certifié huit fois disque de platine par la RIAA [ 27 ].

En France, l'album sera classé à la 44 e position des meilleurs ventes d'albums pendant une semaine en [ 28 ]. La chanson du film Mulan "Reflection" fait aussi partie de la liste des chansons présentes sur cet album. Cet opus permet à Christina Aguilera de remporter le Grammy Award du meilleur nouvel artiste Best New Artist lors de la cérémonie en [ 29 ].

Les deux albums suivants de la chanteuse, Mi Reflejo et My Kind of Christmas , sortent à la fin de l'année Il remporte également le Latin Grammy Award du meilleur album vocal féminin en [ 32 ].

Le point de vue d'Aguilera sur l'influence de Kurtz en ce qui concerne sa direction créative, son rôle de gestionnaire personnel exclusif et la surcharge de travail amène la chanteuse à chercher des moyens légaux et met fin à son contrat.

En octobre , Aguilera dépose une action en justice pour manquement à l'obligation fiduciaire contre Kurtz pour influence inappropriée, indue et inappropriée sur ses activités professionnelles, ainsi que pour fraude.

Après avoir mis fin aux services de Kurtz, Irving Azoff est embauché comme son nouveau manager [ 37 ]. Lady Marmalade se classe premier au Billboard Hot pendant cinq semaines en se basant uniquement sur les diffusions à la radio, devenant ainsi le premier morceau de l'histoire à rester sur la première place du classement pendant plus d'une semaine [ 38 ] , [ 39 ].

La chanson reçoit un Grammy Award pour la meilleure collaboration pop voix en [ 40 ]. Plus tard en , un album intitulé Just Be Free contenant des morceaux de démo enregistrés par Christina Aguilera en et est publié par Warlock Records sans la permission de la chanteuse. Elle dépose plainte contre Warlock Records et les producteurs de l'album pour stopper sa vente. Les deux parties parviennent à un accord confidentiel pour la distribution de l'album, dans lequel Christina prête son nom et son image pour un montant inconnu [ 23 ].

Lors de la planification de son quatrième album studio, Christina Aguilera se dirige vers une nouvelle direction artistique qui, selon elle, a plus de profondeur musicale et lyrique [ 41 ]. Pour cet album, elle est elle-même le producteur exécutif et co-écrit la plupart des chansons avec différentes collaborations, notamment Linda Perry ou Scott Storch [ 43 ].

Le clip du morceau, réalisé par David LaChapelle suscite la controverse car il dépeint un univers trop sexuel. La nouvelle image de Christina présente dans le clip commence à éclipser sa musique, générant des critiques généralisées de ses pairs, y compris Shakira et Jessica Simpson en plus du grand public [ 45 ].

L'album devient un succès majeur au Royaume-Uni , après avoir vendu 2 millions d'exemplaires et devient le deuxième album le plus vendu par une artiste américaine des années , derrière Norah Jones avec Come Away With Me [ 48 ]. La chanson est plus tard classée numéro 52 parmi les meilleures chansons des années par le magazine Rolling Stone en [ 52 ].

Au cours de la promotion de "Stripped", Christina Aguilera cultive sa nouvelle image en utilisant le pseudo de "Xtina", en teignant ses cheveux en noir et en arborant plusieurs tatouages et piercings [ 53 ] , [ 54 ].

Elle partage la tournée "Justified and Stripped Tour" aux côtés de Justin Timberlake de juin à septembre aux Etats-Unis [ 55 ] , [ 56 ]. Elle lance sa tournée seule, le Stripped Tour , le 22 septembre Christina Aguilera attire l'attention des médias après avoir été sur la scène des MTV Video Music Awards en août , où elle et Britney Spears embrassent Madonna lors de leur performance de " Like a Virgin " et " Hollywood " [ 58 ] , [ 59 ].

Plus tard cette même année, elle devient l'hôte des MTV Europe Music Awards , où elle remporte un prix pour la meilleure artiste féminine [ 60 ]. En juin , la chanteuse publie la chanson Hello en partenariat avec la marque Mercedes-Benz [ 61 ] , puis elle enregistre deux nouvelles collaborations: Elle se tourne provisoirement vers un style plus jazzy et blues , en enregistrant une reprise de A Song for You sur l'album Possibilities du pianiste Herbie Hancock , et collabore avec Andrea Bocelli sur le titre Somos Novios.

Sur ce double disque, elle remet au goût du jour les années rétros, l'album étant fortement influencé par les années - - Début , sa statue de cire entre au musée Madame Tussauds à Londres , où elle est mise en scène dans un décor des années rétro, vêtue d'une longue robe dorée pailletée, avec en fond sonore Ain't no other man [ 63 ].

Sa tournée Back to Basics Tour en Europe s'achève courant décembre, après 17 dates dans les grandes villes européennes. Le succès n'étant pas au rendez-vous, le relancement du parfum a lieu en septembre. Artiste féminine internationale et Album international. Christina Aguilera parcourt les États-Unis pour présenter son nouveau spectacle dans plus de 40 villes, une des meilleures tournées de l'année Son premier best-of, Keeps Gettin' Better: A Decade of Hits , sort le 10 novembre , contenant tous ses hits et deux inédits aux sonorités électro-pop: Keeps Gettin' Better et Dynamite , ainsi que deux remixes.

En septembre , elle enregistre une publicité pour son nouveau parfum By Night , sorti uniquement en Europe. Début , The Vogue a publié la liste des dix meilleures ventes de parfums de stars au Royaume-Uni pour l'année Le 22 janvier , la chanteuse se mobilise aux côtés d'autres artistes pour venir en aide aux victimes du séisme en Haïti , en interprétant Lift Me Up.

Deux mois plus tard, sort le single Not Myself Tonight , premier extrait de son sixième album. Mondialement, le single connait un succès mitigé. L'album Bionic sort le 8 juin. Cependant, ces ventes sont relativement inférieures à celles de ses précédents albums.

Le second single You Lost Me paraît en juillet Une tournée de promotion pour l'album initialement nommée Bionic Tour était prévue, mais a été finalement annulée en raison de l'échec de son album et de la promotion de son film Burlesque.

Ce film raconte l'histoire d'une jeune fille, Ali Christina Aguilera devenant une star grâce à sa patronne, Tess Cher. Il s'agit du premier film d'Aguilera en tant qu'actrice. Les critiques saluent le retour de la chanteuse dans un style plus rétro et moins moderne, et le film rencontre un joli succès dans le monde entier, tandis que la bande originale du film ne rencontre qu'un succès mitigé.

Après la sortie de Burlesque , elle collabore avec le rappeur T. Le 6 février , elle chante l' hymne américain à l'occasion de la finale du XLV opposant les Steelers de Pittsburgh aux Packers de Green Bay , mais se trompe dans les paroles, et est huée par le public. Elle s'excusera par la suite [ 69 ].

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