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So, if you want to know how to say meet in French, how to express the verb in all the main tenses, here it is. Passé composé announces what happened, actions that were completed.

French Verbs: L'Imparfait

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For example, Où travaillais-tu lors des attaques le 11 novembre? I would say, Je travaillais ici! Je suis prof ici depuis À la limite, you could say Je travaille ici depuis les attaques , but that makes it sound like you started at that time, not that you were already there. So I vote for the imperfect, if that helps. French past tenses The most important French past tenses are the passé composé and the imparfait , and they are troublesome for several reasons.

Incomplete vs Complete Imparfait explains what was happening, with no indication of when or even if it ended. Passé composé announces what happened, actions that were completed. I was at school. Je suis arrivé tôt.

Je faisais mes devoirs. I was doing my homework. I finished my homework. Uncounted vs Counted Imparfait details what used to happen on a regular basis, or happened an indefinite number of times. Passé composé expresses what happened a specific number of times. I used to study on Mondays. I studied on a specific Monday. Je perdais constamment mon livre. I was always losing my book. I lost my book twice. Ongoing vs New Imparfait indicates an ongoing state of being or feeling.

Here are some sentences using verbs in the imparfait, as well as their translations:. Il y avait beaucoup de gens au cinéma. There were many people at the movies. J'aimais beaucoup lire des romans policiers. I really liked to read detective novels. Le ciel était couvert, et il pleuvait. It was cloudy, and it was raining.

Nous parlions le latin avec notre professeur. We were speaking Latin with our teacher. Elles regardaient la télé après le dîner. They used to watch TV after dinner. For more on the use of the imparfait compared to other past tenses, see French Tenses: Passé Composé and Imparfait.

What is the Imparfait? Regular Conjugations Forming the imparfait consists of two parts, the verb stem called la racine , and the verb ending called la terminaison. The endings are the same for all verbs in the imparfait, and they are as follows: Drop the -ons, we have parl-, and then add the endings, and you get the following: Irregular Conjugations Earlier, I told you that the imparfait just might be the easiest verb in the French language, and I was telling the truth.

Conjugaison française Conjugaison espagnole Exercices de conjugaison Règles de conjugaison. Définition rencontrer Conjugaison rencontrer Synonyme rencontrer Traduction rencontrer Exercice rencontrer.

Verbe du 1er groupe - Le verbe rencontrer est transitif direct Le verbe rencontrer peut se conjuguer à la forme pronominale: Présent je rencontr e tu rencontr es il rencontr e nous rencontr ons vous rencontr ez ils rencontr ent.

Passé composé j'ai rencontr é tu as rencontr é il a rencontr é nous avons rencontr é vous avez rencontr é ils ont rencontr é. Imparfait je rencontr ais tu rencontr ais il rencontr ait nous rencontr ions vous rencontr iez ils rencontr aient. Plus-que-parfait j'avais rencontr é tu avais rencontr é il avait rencontr é nous avions rencontr é vous aviez rencontr é ils avaient rencontr é.

Passé simple je rencontr ai tu rencontr as il rencontr a nous rencontr âmes vous rencontr âtes ils rencontr èrent.

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